Thursday, January 14, 2010


Backstory: I was terrified of the dark until I was about twenty two years old. In high school I thought writing about it might help, and this was the product. Remember this was in HIGH SCHOOL so don't read it thinking I'm freakin' Allen Poe, okay?

I’m surrounded by darkness,
I’m engulfed with fear,
I know I’m alone,
But I feel something near.
The night surrounds me,
Voices fill my head,
My mind reels and heart beats,
As I lay in my bed.
The silence in deafening,
The darkness is blinding,
What was that noise?
It’s all so frightening.
I get out of bed,
And walk across my floor,
Eyes darting to every corner,
Heart racing even more.
I reach for the switch,
My fingers shaking,
I flip up the little knob,
Dreading and waiting.
I scan my small room,
And you know what I found?
My stereo, book bag,
And clothes on the ground.
So I guess everything will be all right,
Until I turn out that light.

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